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3 July 2010
New bus service connecting Avebury and Stonehenge

A minibus service connecting Avebury and Stonehenge is being planned by the Devizes-based Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society. The society, which runs Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes, hopes to have the service up and running by the Festival of British Archaeology in August.
     It is the brainchild of David Dawson, the director of the museum. He said: "It is still in the planning stage but we have submitted an application for funding, which we should hear about in two or three weeks' time. The route will run through August and September this year as a pilot. Depending on its success, we would want to run it throughout next summer and possibly make it all year round."
     The route will start at Avebury, travel through Beckhampton, with a side trip to Silbury Hill, West Kennett and the Sanctuary. Then it will head to Devizes, with stops at the museum and Wadworth's and on to Durrington, Amesbury and Stonehenge. The return trip from Stonehenge will also take in Alton Barnes White Horse and the recently opened Great Stones Way footpath. Tickets will be £10.To comment on the idea go to www.wiltshireheritage.org.uk

Source: This is Wiltshire (3 July 2010)

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