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18 July 2010
Dig aims to unearth Tullos Hill's secrets

Ian Suddaby of CFA Archaeology is calling for volunteers to help unearth the secrets of a historic site at Tullos Hill in Aberdeen (Scotland). The area has long been know as an important archaeological site (four Bronze Age burial cairns are located there) and a survey in 2004 revealed further evidence of prehistoric activity.
     More recent structures associated with the 18th - 19th century development of the Tullos House estate are known and the remains of what is believed to be Aberdeen's last surviving WWII Prisoner of War camp were found last year. Until the discovery of this camp, it was believed few archaeological remains survived because of the use of the site as a landfill since the 1970s. Archaeologists now want the public to help search for artifacts which reveal more of the hill's intriguing past.
     Judith Stones, Aberdeen city council's curator of local history and archaeology, said: "This is a great opportunity for local people to work alongside professional archaeologists to discover more about this rich historic landscape, and for visitors to understand more about the past, present and future of Tullos Hill." Volunteers interested in taking part in the dig, which runs until 21 July, must contact CFA Archaeology to book a place.

Source: BBC News (12 July 2010)

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