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19 July 2010
Bronze Age skeleton discovered in Norfolk

Excavations at Sedgeford in Norfolk (England) have been carried out for some time and, during last year's dig-season, a carbon-dated skeleton put the site at 2,300 BCE. Just when they thought things could not get better a second skeleton has been found. This skeleton is more complete than the first and will hopefully confirm the original findings.
     Project Director Gary Rossin is quoted as saying "I think collectively this adds to the entire significance of the area we are investigating at the edge of Sedgeford." He goes on to say "At the far end we have a late Iron Age homestead. We've almost pushed that back 2,000 years for people living in the area. To have two skeletons in the same area in incredibly exciting."
     Previously flint tools had been found, which had indicated travellers but not settlers. This find might change that as only settlers would bury their dead. Excavation of the skeleton has already taken a week and is expected to continue for a further week. Cause of death is unknown at the moment but the body is probably that of a male.

Source: Norfolk NEws - EDP24 (14 July 2010)

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