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19 July 2010
Unique Stone Age house and trade goods found in Finland

A large 'terraced house' excavated at Järvenkylä (Finland) has proven to be a treasure trove of history. The design of the structure is similar to ancient dwellings in North Ostrobothnia (Finland) and Karelia (Russia) and measures 45 x 20 meters. But, according to the director of the dig, Teemu Mökkönen, of the University of Helsinki, "This is very exceptional in many respects. For a start it is awfully big. This dwelling has three rooms. The foundations of each of them are larger than a basic modern cottage. Then there are the material cultural remains associated here with this really massive house that are unique. There is no other site like this one."
     The structure dates from 3000 - 2000 years BPE. Asbestos from the Salmaa region of Finland, a major technological innovation for the time, has been recovered in the excavation, along with ceramics from Estonia.

Source: |YLE|.fi (16 July 2010)

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