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26 July 2010
A window on ancient farming in Cyprus

Excavations at Politiko-Troullia on the foothills of the Troodos mountains in the Nicosia district (Cyprus) have brought to light a series of households around a large communal courtyard with evidence of intensive animal husbandry and crop processing, copper metallurgy and sophisticated ceramic technology during the Middle Bronze Age 2000-1500 BCE. The site was the predecessor of ancient Tamassos, the seat of a centrally important kingdom during the subsequent Iron Age.
     According to the Antiquities Department, the archaeological deposits at Politiko-Troullia reach depths of up to four metres below the modern surface, making the site one of the deepest stratified sites in Cyprus. Archaeological survey of the local landscape shows that the hills around Politiko-Troullia have been terraced and managed intensively for centuries, perhaps beginning as early as the Bronze Age.
     "The ancient villagers of Politiko-Troullia cultivated grapes and olives, and herded sheep, goats, cattle and pigs," the department said. "They also hunted considerable numbers of deer and wild goat. The results from Politiko-Troullia open an archaeological window on the farming and mining communities that provided the foundation for urbanised civilisation on Cyprus".

Source: Cyprus Mail (22 July 2010)

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