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2 August 2010
Road driven over Van tumulus in Turkey

A road requested by local people in the eastern Turkish city of Van has been laid over a protected burial tumulus dating back 3000 years to the Urartu period.
     The tumulus lies within a designated protected area where the Culture and Tourism directorate had planned to begin archaeological investigation. The provincial director, Salih Tatli, explained "These works were planned to start this year because the Van tumulus is very important to us. The things that will be excavated here have significance in terms of the city's history." Satli stated that the "road was built and paved over the tumulus without permission... The road building was halted upon complaints. But unfortunately, it was too late." Van's construction director, Orhan Senkaya, said that construction was halted when orders were received from the Culture and Tourism directorate.
     It seems likely that the road will be removed and the tumulus rehabilitated.

Source: Daily News & Economic Review (27 July 2010)

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