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12 August 2010
Prehistoric cave paintings found in Dominican Republic

A Dominican man discovered in the northern town of Monteclaro a cave with petroglyphs and other examples of prehistoric cave art. The cavern has 61 petroglyphs and two bas-relief sculptures, reported Spanish archaeologist Adolfo Lopez, who is in charge of researching the area and believes that the petroglyphs and sculptures could be 5,000 years old.
     Lopez, a specialist in cave art at Madrid's Universidad Complutense, said that one of the Monteclaro sculptures is among the three most important ever found of pre-Columbian cave art, due to its particular shape and because such works are so rarely found, the daily said. "This sculpture portrays a figure sitting in a fetal position, which gives the idea that it is dedicated to fertility," he said.
     The scientist said that the cave could 'perfectly well' be declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Lopez said he hopes that some scientific institution will work in the area in order to discover its cultural values and its antiquity.

Source: Latin American Herald Tribune (August 2010)

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