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18 August 2010
Prehistoric grave found in the Netherlands

Alkmaar is a market town of about 92,000 people located approximately 40 km north-west of Amsterdam in the province of Noord Holland, the Netherlands. The town, a tourist favourite, got a big surprise when archeologists discovered a prehistoric grave during a dig in the Paardenmarkt (Horse Market) square. The grave was discovered after a layer of sand, dating from between 700 BCE and the beginning of the Christian era, was removed. The occupant of the grave was laid to rest in the crouched position, which indicates an Iron Age burial.
     Archaeologists working on the dig also discovered a mass grave dating from 1573, when the famous siege of Alkmaar took place. The dig will be wrapping up later this month, after which the square will be subject to a major redesign.

Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide (9 August 2010)

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