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18 August 2010
New excavation begun at Eddisbury Hill

The Habitats and Hillforts Project has begun a second dig at Eddisbury Hill (Cheshire, northern England), an Iron Age Hillfort previously studied in 1938. Archaelogists hope to re-excavate some of the trenches from this earlier investigation in the hopes of recovering some ancient charcoal samples for radiocarbon dating. Another goal is to discover the full extent of the hillfort's entrance, including its rampart.
     According to Project officer Dan Garner the entrance appears to be extremely welll-preserved, with stone flanking walls that are about 1.5 m high. Thus far, no Iron Age artifacts have been discovered, although investigation of the backfill from the 1938 dig has yielded some artifacts from more recent centuries. Supporters of the 3-year project include Mersey Forest, Cheshire Landsacpe Trust, Forestry Commission, English Heritage, Woodland Trust, National Trust, and Cheshire Community Action, as well as private landowners.

Sources: Chester Chronicle, icCeshireOnline.co.uk (10 August 2010)

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