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23 August 2010
Yorkshire's oldest citizen returns home after 21 years

An Iron-Age clay 'goddess' figure has come home to East Yorkshire (England) after inadvertently spending 21 years in the British Museum. The figure was originally discovered at North Cave during excavations in 1986, and is thought to be around 2,100 years old. It was sent to the British Museum in 1989 in the hopes of learning more about its origin and purpose from a specialist in the early gods and goddesses of the period working there at the time.
     There is the possibility that the small figure may represent a Celtic Goddess, perhaps connected in some way with the salt-making activities that went on at North Cave. No positive conclusions were arrived at at the time, however. The figure was assumed to have been returned from the British Museum by the staff at Hull Council's archaeology department, but it was recently discovered by Humber Archaeology Partnership Manager Dave Evans that it still remained in London. "It's a joy to have her back." he said. Mr. Evans has no doubt that figure represents a female: "She has clear breasts, a little face and her sides have been shaped to give her a waist in clay. She's more Twiggy than Jordan."

Source: Yorkshire Post (6 August 2010)

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