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23 August 2010
Endangered archaeology in Pakistan

In addition to the huge humanitarian problems currently been experienced in Pakistan, there is increasing concern for some of the country's most important archaeological sites.
     Two of the major sites in the southern Province of Sindh are of particular concern, namely Moenjo-daro and Aamri. Moenjo-daro (which literally means Mound of the Dead) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built around 2,600 BCE and abandoned around 1,500 BCE. It is a very early urban settlement and is contemporary with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. It was one of the major centres of the Indus Valley Civilization. Aamri (a dedicated Pakistani National Heritage Site) is situated in the foothills of ther Khirthar Mountains, near Manijhand, and it has already, unfortunately, been inundated with water from the River Indus. Aamri is the site of a Pre-Harappa fortified town that peaked between 3,600 and 3,300 BCE. Unique pottery has been found there, which is known as Amri Ware.

Source: Dawn.com (16 August 2010)

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