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23 August 2010
Ancient sea cave on Skye occupied for a long time

A cave thought to have been occupied by people in prehistory is still being lived in - a new hearth and stacks of wood cut for kindling were found in the L-shaped fissure at Leitir Fura, Kinloch, on Skye (Highland, Scotland).
     The cave, carved originally by the sea, is 6m deep and stretches to 3m at its widest. Excavations in May 1996 uncovered evidence that the cave was occupied at periods of time from at least 3 BCE. When it was first discovered tools, pottery, a hearth and a shell midden were found, suggesting people had lived in it during the late 18th or early 19th Century.
     Forestry Commission Scotland recently assigned archaeologist Martin Wildgoose to make a fresh assessment of a township abandoned during the Highland Clearances along with the nearby cave site. His report was published earlier this year and is among new additions uploaded to the online database of Highland archaeological and historic sites.

Source: BBC News (Aug 18, 2010)

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