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23 August 2010
A modern Bronze Age axe sculpture

On a modern roundabout in Salisbury (Wilthsire, England) you can see what looks like a huge Bronze Age axe. Well, it is a huge Bronze Age axe rising from a barrow, and it is part of the public art associated with the adjacent housing development by Persimmon Homes.
     Before building work started, Wessex Archaeology excavated the site of the housing. One of the finds was a barrow and this provided the inspiration for the artists Angela Cockayne and Robert Fearns of Forge Projects. When viewed from the east, the Iron Age and Norman monuments at Old Sarum provide the backdrop. From this side you can also see on the shaft of the axe the coordinates of the roundabout. This is a reference to landscape, monument, and mapping. The coordinates on the Bronze Age axe sculpture, read: E414814.5, N133338.2, H77.538MOD.

Source: Wessex Archaeology (20 August 2010)

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