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2 September 2010
Iron Age dig in Kent to resume 21 years on

Evidence of the importance of Folkestone (Kent, England) as an Iron Age site has been unearthed as part of an archaeological project in the town. Work on A Town Unearthed: Folkestone before 1500, has begun at East Wear Bay. It is the first time since 1989 that the site has been excavated.
     Exploratory trenches have been dug to the north of the Roman villa and already evidence of Iron Age and Roman occupation has been found in the form of ditches filled with pottery, tile and animal bone. Andrew Richardson, project manager of archaeology, said: "It is already clear that a great deal of unexcavated archaeology survives across the site."
     He said one of the most interesting discoveries so far was a spread of compacted greensand chippings and dust with an unfinished quern stone, used for grinding corn, on top. "It has been known for some years that a quern stone industry, dating to around 2,000 years ago, existed at East Wear Bay, as many unfinished stones have been found at the site and on the beach below," said Mr Richardson. "This find provides conclusive evidence of manufacture of querns on the cliff top, probably during the first century BCE.
     Dig director Keith Parfitt said he was pleased with the progress. "We have a really good group of volunteers who have all worked extremely hard," he said. Volunteers are welcome to join, whether it's digging, washing finds, helping to catalogue them and process the data or showing people round the site. To become involved email townunearthed@canterbury.ac.uk or call 01303 850 614 (24 hour answerphone). Alternatively visit the site, weekdays and weekends, between 10am and 3pm to register as a volunteer.

Source: Kent Online (24 August 2010)

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