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6 September 2010
Dig planned on proposed daycare site in Scotland

In the 1930's, archaeologists discovered Bronze age artifacts at Knappers Quarry, Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire (Scotland). Burials dating from 4700 to 2700 years BP and holes that may have supported timbers were found during construction on the site. Now a special needs daycare and respite facility is to be built in the same location. The proposed Davie Cooper Centre honors the local Clydebank football hero who collapsed and died suddenly at age 39.    
     Before groundbreaking can begin, the law requires that archaeologists once again conduct an excavation to ensure that no artifacts will be compromised. Hugh McBrien of the West of Scotland Archaeologist Service will direct the dig. He explained the challenges faced in protecting sites 80 years ago. "In the 1930s there weren't many professional archaeologists. There was also very little control over development and archaeologists had to go cap in hand to the landowner. Archaeologists went in as the top soil was being scraped away and found a whole range of burial sites and possible timber sites that suggested ritual use of the site for hundreds, possibly thousands of years."
     McBrien described the current state of the location. "If you look at the site, even with all the modern buildings there, you can see that itís a flat, sandy terrace surrounded by little bits of high ground, one of which Drumchapel sits on now, and another with the multi-storey flats on the south side of Great Western Road." He does not expect to make any new discoveries. But, the spatial extent of Bronze age useage of the site was not clearly defined when it was first studied. And the original excavation may have missed important finds.
     It is llikely that permission will be granted for constuction of the center if no additional artifacts are found.

Source: Clydebank Post (1 September 2010)

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