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21 September 2010
White Horses and Hill Figures exhibition extended

The Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes (Wiltshire, England) has decided to extend its current White Horses and Hill Figures exhibition until February next year after the show of intricate landscape carvings at the Devizes venue witnessed 'tremendous' visitor numbers. Plenty of guests visited the museum to explore the display of chalk figures depicted in hills, looking primarily at the white galloping horses and military badges stamped throughout the county and beyond.
     Berkshire's Uffington White Horse, Sussex's Long Man of Wilmington and the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset are among the sites whose mystiques are unravelled, charting their creation, stories, legends and folklore as well as the work required to preserve them. Related ephemera, unseen items from the WHM's collections and artistic interpretations of the designs also feature.
     "We are so pleased to be able to give even more visitors the opportunity to see this fascinating and visually stunning exploration of some of the most beautiful and iconic features of the landscape. Later in the autumn we will be transforming the exhibition by adding a whole host of exciting and original new artworks by locally, nationally and internationally important artists," said Exhibition Officer Jenna Spellane.
     Exhibition continues until February 27 2011.

Edited from Culture 24 (3 September 2010)

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