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21 September 2010
Neolithic cave dwelling found in Vietnam

A cave in Na Hang District in the northern province of Tuyen Quang (China) is thought to have housed primitive humans during the Neolithic Era (7,000-8,000 years ago). Tuyen Quang Museum's director Quan Van Dung said that experts from the museum and the Vietnam Archaeology Institute discovered primitive human artefacts in the cave, which is known as Tham Choong Cave to the locals.
     The archaeologists discovered more than 1,000 stone objects, including tools for cutting, chopping and grinding. The tools were handmade with stones that had been retrieved from a riverbed. Archaeologist found also tools made from animal bones, including a narrow tool with a sharp point. Scientists at the site assumed that the tool was likely used to stitch their clothing that was made from tree bark.
     The expert said the tools bore Hoa Binh cultural (12,000 years ago and lasted till 2,000 BCE) features. The Hoabinians were mostly hunters but they also cultivated plants to gather fruits and edible roots.

Edited from Viet Nam News (13 September 2010)

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