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21 September 2010
Prehistoric cremation sites found in Scotland

The construction site for a new Asda superstore in Slackbuie (Inverness, Scotland) has revealed Neolithic pottery shards, cremation pits and 2,000 flints. The cremation pits were surrounded by a ring ditch. The discoveries were made during routine archaeological evaluation by NG Archaeology Services based in Edinburgh.
     The pottery is of the type called Unstan Ware, named for the cairn of Unstan on the Orkney Islands. In 1858, shards of this type were originally found there in large quantities.
     The application for the construction of the store prompted legal action by the Highland Council who wanted the company to pay for road improvements. This has since been dropped. Asda has agreed to make a limited contribution toward upgrades to the roads. Now that the archaeological review is completed, planning for the superstore will continue. Asda has committed to work closely with the Highland Council archaeology department should more artifacts be uncovered.

Edited from BBC News (15 September 2010)

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