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8 October 2010
Prehistoric finds in Ontario

Archaeologists have discovered a series of ancient finds in Cayuga (Ontario, Canada). "One particularly interesting prehistoric find is a complete ceramic pot of a very small size, probably the result of a young child being taught how to make pottery, possibly thousands of years ago," noted Monica Fleck of the Ministry of Transportation's West Region.
     In 2008, a preliminary design study was completed and recommended replacing the Highway 3 Grand River Bridge. An archeological assessment during the preliminary design study confirmed that the west side of the bridge is a prehistoric and historic archaeological site. As part of the project to replace the bridge, an archaeological salvage has been required to complete the excavation and retrieval of archaeological artifacts before construction work can begin.
     "This is a very significant archaeological site made up of a series of cultural layers representing several different historic and pre-historic periods. Based on previous studies, the artifacts range in age from the Archaic period, circa 8000-1000 BCE, through to the historic period," Fleck said. The salvage work has been delayed somewhat by periodic flooding this summer, she said, "so it is expected that the excavation will continue again next spring, and probably be completed by mid-summer." Once the excavation is complete, the artifacts will be removed from the site and taken to a lab where they will be analyzed.

Edited from The Chronicle (30 September 2010)

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