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20 October 2010
Ancient objects found in Azerbaijan

Archaeological digs of Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Age settlements started in Yastytepe (Azerbaijan). Residuals of brown ware, cutting stones, mud signets, fragments of household utilities and ancient buildings of the late second and early first millennium were found during the digs.
     The Yastytepe settlement covers an area of 125 square meters. By holding digs at an area of 50 square meters, the archaeologists traced all cultural layers of the ancient monument. According to researchers of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Shamil Najafoc, the material and cultural samples mostly consist of fragments of buildings, stone, ceramic, bone and metallic wares.
     The Yastytepe ceramics are related to the Khojaly-Gedabey culture. All materials found in the area will be moved to the archeological foundation for  radiocarbon analysis tests, while a part has been transferred to the Agstafa historical museum.

Edited from News AZ (1 October 2010)

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