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30 October 2010
Bronze Age tomb found in Poland

Polish Archeologists recently reported the discovery of the tomb of a young prince dating back to 6,000 BCE near the A4 motorway. The scientists who were carrying out excavations on the route of the future A4 motorway near Szczytna hoped to find traces of Neolithic settlements but the discovery exceeded their expectations.
     "First, we found a copper axe which may have dated back to the Bronze Age. Later, we found other archeological objects, such as copper ornaments: two earrings and a necklace and five vessels: an amphora and four cups. There were also arrowheads and a dozen of flint tools and animal bones, which were funerary gifts," Monika Hozer, one of the archaeologists who made the discovery said.
     Inside the grave the scientists also found fragments of a 6,000-year-old male skeleton laid on its right side. The position is typical for the Corded Ware or Single Grave culture which began in the Stone Age, flourished through the Copper Age and culminated in the early Bronze Age around 4,000 BC.
     The ornaments and tools from the tomb, along with other archeological discoveries on A4 motorway route will be displayed in the Regional Museum in Rzeszow next year.

Edited from Polskie Radio (19 October 2010)

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