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8 November 2010
Bulgarian archaeologist stumble upon 8000-year-old skeleton

Bulgarian archaeologist Boris Borisov and his team from the University of Veliko Turnovo have discovered an 8,000 year old home close to the village of Krum (Haskovo District). Near the southern wall of this house they found the skeleton of a young disabled boy (between 10 and 15 years of age) buried in a fetal position. The remains were found while land was being cleared for the construction of the Maritsa motorway en route to Turkey.
     Anthropologist Tsvetan Minkov and experts from the Dimitrovgrad museum were also called to the site. The skeleton is most likely going to end up in the museum, but its safe extraction from the grave will present a significant task. Although the teeth are reportedly in 'superb condition' the rest of the skeleton is in extremely brittle state and it 'almost dissolves upon touch'.

Edited from Novinite (24 October 2010), The Sofia Echo (25 October 2010)

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