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8 November 2010
ArchaeoNews: Archaeology News in your pocket!

If you are a fan of prehistory, if you are always trying to find out the latest news on breathtaking discoveries and the most exciting digs on the planet, if you are a 'megalithomaniac' eager to learn everything about those great ancient monuments, you can now get all of this. And keep it in your pocket.
     The owners of the Cartabianca Publishing company and creators of the Stone Pages website - the very first guide to European megalithic sites and other ancient monuments ever to appear on the Web, online since 1996 - are proud to present ArchaeoNews: the first mobile application that brings news about the ancient world to your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
     Through this new app you can read all the news published on the Stone Pages website by our editorial team, or if you don't have time to read, the ArchaeoNews app also gives you access to our MP3 podcasts: a half hour weekly show presented by archaeologist David Connolly. Have you ever wondered what the exact location is of that obscure place mentioned in one of our articles? Now, thanks to our app, you can see the 'point of origin' of each article clearly shown on a Google Map, along with - if you own a device equipped with a geolocation system - your exact position on Earth. Maybe you are interested in reading only the news relating to your own Country, or your favourite region. Through our ArchaeoNews app you can select one of the 14 regional feeds and - as an added convenience - you can also configure the bottom navigation bar with your own choice of available feeds.
     "We have always been fascinated by the latest technologies that bring a deeper and more entertaining user-experience," creator Diego Meozzi said. "Reading a simple web page is not enough, and that's why - for instance - in 1997 we pioneered the use of 360-degree panoramic movies to show prehistoric sites. Now this new mobile application is our next step. In a word, it's like having a pocket full of archaeological news," he added.
     ArchaeoNews app is now available on Apple iTunes Store at the basic price of 0,79 Euros / 0.99 US Dollars / 0.59 UK Pounds. A user guide and a demo video are available online.

Stone Pages (8 November 2010)

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