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17 November 2010
Neolithic findings in Syria

Carved panels and archeological findings dating back to the 10th Millennium BCE were unearthed at Tel al-Abar 3 site, left bank of the Euphrates River (Syria). According to the head of the national archeological mission working at the site Thayer Yerta, the panels are made from chlorite with different engravings and figures. He added that "one of these panels portrayed an eagle with wings spread wide and snake-like sculptures on both sides. Another panel has an abstract sculpture of three eagle sculptures spreading their wings in front of the sun." A building with decorated terrace was also uncovered inside a hole at a depth of 130 cm and a diameter of 750 cm.
     A chlorite vessel of a bull was among the findings as well as a vessel for a man without head in squat position and hands spread wide holding a spear in his right hand. A stone panel of two parts was discovered. There is a spike sculpture surrounded by two hands on the upper part while the lower contains a sculpture for a bull head with a snake beside it.

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