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24 November 2010
Improvement of the Megalithic Portal website

One of the latest additions of the Megalithic Portal website are the personal site visit logs. "This is a major new feature for the Megalithic Portal and I would encourage anyone to try it out to record your personal notes and thoughts about sites you have visited, or would like to visit. You can add personal comments with text, or just with score boxes, and the 'ratings' given will in time be merged into the main ratings on the pages," Andy Burnham, founder of the Megalithic Portal, said.
    This new feature has been funded by subscriptions and is also intended to be an easy way to take part, all you need to do is click on 'I would like to visit', in a similar way to 'Like' buttons on Facebook. The site visit logs are displayed on the main site pages, and they will also form the basis of a new 'site tour' system allowing anyone to string together descriptions of different sites they have visited (or would like to visit) into tours, illustrated with images of their choice. "This is our biggest new addition for a long time and there is more to come soon," Andy added.
    The Megalithic Portal is one of the leading resources for anyone interested in the ancient world. It is funded as a non-profit making independent society with membership and a committe and is affiliated to the CBA with around 90 full members.

Edited from Andy Burnham PR (9 November 2010)

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