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25 November 2010
Ancient drilled eggshells discovered in China

A Chinese archeological team from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage recently found two pieces of ostrich egg shells bearing drilled holes in a paleolithic site in the suburb of Xuchang city in central China's Henan province. It indicates that people in that area had acquired the skill of drilling over ten thousand years ago.
     The two shell pieces were in good shape when they were found, with each one have two drilled holes on it. Experts have dated them back to 13,000 years ago. It's the earliest drilled specimen found in Henan province, and also the best preserved drilled item found in China dating back more than ten thousand years.
     Drilled ostrich egg shells have been found in Beijing's Peking Man archeological site and in an archeological site in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. But they were all with a single hole. So the two ostrich egg shells with very fine double drilled holes found in Henan was a real surprise to archeologists.
Edited from CNTN, Xinhuanet.com (24 November 2010)

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