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2 December 2010
Neolithic site discovered in China

A Neolithic site was discovered at the excavation site of two previously-discovered ancient tombs in China. Wang Jiping, leader of the archaeological team from the Xinzhou Heritage Management Office, said several pottery fragments and small shells were unearthed. Measurements show that the site covers a relatively large area: more than 2,000 square meters. Archaeologists have found more than seven ash pits at the site.
     Wang also said that the pottery fragments belong to pottery tripods. The tripod was a kind of cooking tool in ancient China which is equivalent to the cooking pot, and the small shells were used as money and jewelry in ancient times. The ash pits were the places where the ancients used to dump their rubbish.
     Guo Yintang, director of the Xinzhou Heritage Management Office, hopes that other important findings will be unearthed during the large-scale excavation.
Edited from People's Daily Online (22 November 2010)

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