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5 December 2010
4,000-year-old buildings and other findings unearthed in Syria

The Syrian-French archaeological mission which ended the works for the current season at the site of Tal Faras in Hasaka province (North-eastern Syria) unearthed a number of buildings dating back to the 4th millennium BCE, under which laid another building from the 5th millennium BCE. The findings also included ovens to make pottery, said Director of Hasaka Antiquities Department Abdul-Masieh Baghdo.
     In Tal Mohammad Diab, the French archaeological mission found an arched stone cemetery, graves, pottery jars and dishes, a bronze spearhead and an ax dating back to the Middle Bronze Age. The Syrian-European archeological mission working at Tal Baidar discovered the southern courtyard of a temple and houses dating back to 2500 BCE. In Tal Taban, the Japanese archaeological mission found walls, buildings and archaeological remnants from the Middle Assyrian and the Babylonian periods. The findings also included a seal and a clay tablet with cuneiform inscriptions.

Edited from Global Arab Network (3 December 2010)

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