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16 December 2010
Iron Age settlements unearthed in Oman

Biubwa Ali Al Sabri, Director of Excavation and Archaeological Studies at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture in Oman has unearthed evidence of Iron Age (2000-3000 BCE) settlements in the Sohar Port area. Excavations were carried out in 57 burial sites.
     "These sites dated back to the intervening period of the second millennium BCE and the first millennium BCE, also known as Wadi Suq era," Ali Al Sabri said. "The findings include remains of human bones, beads and other objects," she added. "Glass vessel fragments, beads made from gold, silver, carnelian stone and shells, earrings, rings made of bronze, iron, and other materials were also found." She reckons that the findings will help archaeologists understand more about the cultural history of Oman.
     The graves discovered were built above the surface having an exterior wall of stones with an additional internal wall for the burial chamber. The archaeologists also found bones and teeth of horse in one grave, which had two rooms, one for the man's burial and another for the horse's.

Edited from Gulf News (14 December 2010)

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