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22 December 2010
Prehistoric burials unearthed in Vietnam

Archaeologists from Vietnam's Archaeological Academy and the Ha Giang Provincial Museum have excavated the Khuoi Nang cave (North Vietnam), discovering remains that date back between 4,000 and 7,000 years.
     Associate professor and PhD Trinh Nang Chung, who headed the dig team, said that they have uncovered two cultural layers reflecting two distinct periods of development. Among the most fascinating finds was a pair of tombs built for an adult and child. The remains of both bodies were discovered among a carefully constructed pile of stones. According to local archaeologists, a formalized prehistoric burial site is considered a rare find in Vietnam.
     Hundreds of stone-tools (knives, axes and mattocks) were also discovered at the site. Besides the tools, a good amount of 'red stone powder' (probably ochre) was found, which is thought to have been used as funerary body ornamentation.
     According to Dr. Nang Chung, Khuoi Nang cave was used by many generations of prehistoric people. Further research of the site is underway.

Edited from Thanh Nien News (17 December 2010)

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