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9 January 2011
Stone Age artifacts found in Nepal

The Department of Archeology (DoA) of Nepal has claimed that artifacts found in a cave at Pang-2, Kalimati of Parbat could be thousands of years old. A DoA team led by section officer Navaraj Adhikari reached the place and took the artifacts to Kathmandu for investigation.
     There is an empty space about 20 feet wide covered by stones a couple of meters below the ground level at the site. Locals from neighboring villages are starting to crowd around the site after the discovery. "We have started worshipping the site because we believe it's sacred," said a local.
     Tulsi Sharma, assistant chief district officer of Parbat, revealed that director general of DoA Bishnu Raj Karki informed that the artifacts found in the cave probably date back to the Stone Age. "They have said the artifacts could be thousands of years old. Another team of specialists is coming here for excavation to launch further investigation," Sharma added.
     Sharma said the DoA suggested the District Administration Office to protect the site saying that the artifacts could be the oldest found through excavation in Nepal till now.

Edited from My Republica (9 January 2011)

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