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28 January 2011
Polish archaeologists discover ancient carvings and artifacts in Sudan

A team of archaeologists from the Department of Archaeology of Africa, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, in Posnan (Poland), have experienced spectacular success during a recent survey in North East Sudan, near Port Sudan. The find comprised several dozen terracotta figurines of humans, cattle and phallic symbols, in addition to a plethora of stone carvings. In the immediate vicinity of cave engravings, the researchers found many traced of prehistoric settlements in different periods. The age of the finds has yet to be established but geomorphological and environmental studies are planned, together with radiocarbon analysis.
     Professor Michal Kobusiewicz, of the Posnan team, believes that there is a link between the concentration of images and figurines near a phallically shaped mountain and the numerous images of cattle (which were the main source of food) and that there may have been an association with a fertility cult. It is hoped to continue the research this year.

Edited from Science & Scholarship in Poland (24 January 2011)

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