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19 February 2011
New Rock Art book due out soon

If you are a fan of Alan walker and Brian Smith, then you probably already have a copy of their book 'Rock Art and Ritual Volume 1: Interpreting the Prehistoric Landscape of the North Yorks Moors'. This book described the discovery of newly exposed features of the moorland above Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire (UK), which were revealed following a devastating fire in 2003. The authors paid particular attention to the curiously marked prehistoric stones, with their interpretations of the carvings and insights into prehistoric life.
     The second volume, entitled 'Rock art and Ritual Volume Two: Mindscapes of Prehistory', will be published at the end of March and builds on the hugely successful first book. Alan Walker is quoted as saying "The rock art we were looking at in volume one was speaking in a language that really was lost as land division and organised society developed. Whilst we can't claim to have unravelled the whole picture, we feel that we really raised some issues that have never been tackled before and which should open new lines of debate and research."

Edited from Malton & Pickering Mercury (16 February 2011)

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