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24 February 2011
Prehistoric carvings survey begins in England

Hundreds of carved stone panels dot the windy landscape of the moors in this north-central area of England west of York. It is the aim of 'CSI' (Carved Stone Investigation) archaeologists and volunteers to record those carvings, the work of the ancient settlers who lived in this area between the Aire and Wharfe rivers, before vegetation overgrowth and erosion by wind and rain permanently obscure them. Sophisticated techniques, such as photogrammetry, which creates 3-D images of the stones, will be used to record the carvings.
     Community archaeologist Gavin Edwards claims, "The survey on Robalds Moor will be the most comprehensive undertaken in over two decades, and with the help of volunteers, we will have gathered very valuable information." He continues, "Prehistoric carvings are a unique and valuable part of our heritage, providing a direct link with the people who lived here over 5,000 years ago." Funding for the project is provided for by Pennine Prospects Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

Edited from Telegraph & Argus (11 February 2011)

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