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27 March 2011
Ancient sites protection call on Scottish wind farm site

Archaeologists have asked that Neolithic and Iron Age sites be protected during the construction of a new wind farm in Caithness (Scotland). Npower Renewables propose erecting nine turbines at Burn of Whilk; while there are no known archaeological remains on the site itself there are five designated Scheduled Ancient Monuments (SAMs) nearby.
     Highland Council archaeologist said the wind farm would sit in a "historic ritual and burial landscape". A broch at a place known as Warehouse along with Cairn Hanach, a chambered cairn on the south side of Warehouse Hill, are among the five SAMs. The others are a cairn at Watenan, the Hill O' Many Stanes stone rows and Cairns of Warehouse.
     Highland Council archaeologists have asked that the landscape be "preserved by record" before construction work starts. They have also recommended the SAMs be protected during the work and efforts be made to reduce the farm's visual impact. Historic Scotland had objected to the project but withdrew its objection after the plans were revised. Council officers have recommended Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross planning applications committee approve the planning application.

Edited from BBC News (25 March 2011)

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