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20 April 2011
Archaeolink Prehistory Park: can it be saved?

The future of a prehistory park hangs in the balance unless further urgent funding can be found. Known as 'Archaeolink', the park is located at Oyne in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and is a living history and visitor attraction, with indoor and outdoor attractions. It covers the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages, as well as the period of Roman occupation.
     The site has absorbed large subsidies from Aberdeenshire Council but is still running at a loss and is a victim of the Council's cost cutting budget review. Visitor numbers had dropped dramatically and the park needs substantial investment to enable it to continue. John Loveday, of the Board of Trustees, is quoted as saying "People tend to come to Archaeolink once, and that was it. It has not worked. There has to be something else to make them come back. I don't know what".

Edited from BBC News (1 April 2011), The Press and Journal (2 and 4 April 2011)

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