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26 April 2011
Neolithic artifacts unearthed in northern India

A team of archaeologists is excavating a Neolithic site in a small village in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh (northern India). "During excavation work being carried out in Puccakot village, rare remains of Neolithic age up to Gupta period (320-550 CE) have been recovered," professor RS Dubey, heading the excavation work being carried out by archaeological department of the Banaras Hindu University, said.
     Professor Dubey said the artifacts recovered during the excavation which began in February could be as much as 4,000-years-old and point towards highly developed culture in the area. The remains recovered indicate that the area was developed from commercial and trade points of view, he said, adding that they present a chain of civilisations during different periods. "This is not a common phenomenon and it seems that once people with an advanced lifestyle used to inhabit this area," Prof Dubey said.
     The excavated artifacts include earthen utensils, weapons made from bones, terracotta toys, figures of parrots and coins of different periods ranging from King Ashoka's reing (304-232 BCE) to the Gupta period. Nearly two dozen sealings from Ahoska's period to the Gupta period have also been recovered from the excavation site. "A fort made of bricks has been found at the excavation site," professor Dubey said.
     Scientific analysis of other remains will be carried out, Dubey said, adding that scientific analysis, which include carbon dating and expert study of flora and fauna, would help in getting more details of the site. "The excavation, which started on February 28, is likely to be wrapped up by mid May, but after examination of the remains, if required, it may be resumed," professor Dubey concluded.

Edited from Daily News & Analysis (24 April 2011)

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