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29 April 2011
Tender for Ggantija works published

The tender for the construction, finishing and landscaping works to enhancing the visitor experience at the Ggantija Heritage Park has been published by Heritage Malta. The park is to service the 180,000 annual visitors to Ggantija, considered to be the world's oldest freestanding building.
     The scheme for the project, by architect Robert Sant, was chosen following an international design contest held in 2009. The necessary permits were issued last December. Works are envisaged to commence on site towards the end of this year and are expected to last 15 months. The necessary arrangements will be made to minimise the effect on visitors to the temples during the works.
     The tender forms part of Heritage Malta's € 9.2 million Archaeological Heritage Conservation Project, 85 per cent of which is co-financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and includes works on three sites, namely the Tarxien Temples, the Ggantija Heritage Park in Gozo and St Paul's Catacombs in Rabat.
     Concurrently, through funds by the Vodafone Malta Foundation, a walkway within and around the Ggantija Temples is being constructed and installation will commence shortly. The walkway will render the temples accessible to all while safeguarding the prehistoric floors and surfaces.

Edited from Times of Malta (22 February 2011)

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