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22 May 2011
Bronze Age site in Wales badly damaged by motorcyclists

A Welsh archaeology group has called for the site of a 3,500-year-old settlement in the Vale of Glamorgan to be protected. The remains of a Bronze Age village at Bendrick were first uncovered near the Atlantic Trading Estate near Barry in the 1980s. Archaeology Cymru says the site is rapidly deteriorating due to off-road biking and other activities by people who may be unaware of what is there.
     Archaeology Cymru director Karl-James Langford said he first became aware of the significance of the site when working as a volunteer excavating the land 25 years ago. He said the remains of a Bronze Age roundhouse were still visible today. But he said with no signs to warn people what was at the site nothing was being done to protect it. "The destruction is immense. The archaeology has been badly damaged and very soon it will be gone," he said. "Motor cyclists have no idea of the un-repairable damage they are causing," he added. "You can still see some of the stones exposed on the surface that were used to edge the post holes, still in position after 3,500 years. "But these will not remain in place for too long.
     The Vale of Glamorgan council said it would look in to the issue. A spokesperson said: "We will investigate whether any important remains are exposed and vulnerable and take expert advice accordingly".

Edited from BBC News (8 May 2011)

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