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22 May 2011
25,000-year-old Aboriginal burial site found

Heavy rainfall earlier this year has helped to uncover an Aboriginal burial site near Condobolin (New South Wales, Australia) believed to be more than 25 thousand years old. The remains of an aboriginal man were found on a private property, around 50 kilometres from the town. An archaeologist with the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage Phil Purcell says the fossilisation of the bones dates them as being around 10 thousand years old.
However he says the location of the grave, near the former watercourse of the Lachlan River, suggests the find could be even older.
     "Scientists had previously dated part of these ancient watercourses to 25 thousand years ago, when that part of the Lachlan River, now extinct, was flourishing with water," Mr Purcell said. "Who knows, it's buried right next to a very watered area which 25 thousand years ago was very well watered so we could be looking at around about that time period, maybe even older."
     The New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage is now working with the local indigenous community to preserve the rare find with the possibility or relocation.

Edited from ABC News (19 May 2011)

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