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25 May 2011
Major German Bronze Age battle site uncovered

Evidence has been found in Northern Germany of a possible Early Bronze Age battle. Various human and animal (horse) bones have been found, together with the remains of weapons. The remains are on the banks of a river in the Tollense Valley and date from approximately 1,200 BCE.
     Examination of the bones showed evidence of trauma from blunt and sharp weapons, including penetration by arrows. This, coupled with the fact that there was no evidence of formal or ritual burial, led to the conclusion of a battle site. What is unclear is exactly where the battle occurred as many of the remains could have been moved by the flow of the river.
     The team of archaeologists is led by Dr Harald Lubke of the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology in Germany, and he believes that they have only uncovered a fraction of the battle site so far. One particularly interesting find is the presence of a millet diet in some of the remains, which was not a local diet, and probably meant that the battle was the result of a defensive stand against an invader.

Edited from BBC News (22 May 2011)

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