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29 June 2011
Iron Age artifacts unearthed in the Philippines

Archaeological artifacts dating back more than 2,000 years were unearthed in San Remigio (Philippines) this month. Jose Eleazar Bersales, co-director of the University of San Carlos and University of Guam Joint Archaeological Fieldwork in San Remigio, said that the artifacts would be sent to the United States for radio carbon dating to determine the 'absolute date' of the materials.
     "The samples from San Remigio would be the first to undergo radio carbon dating in the Philippines," Bersales said. The recovered artifacts include one burial interred with six different types of earthenware jars near its feet, an iron tool near its chest and the jaws of a wild pig placed near its left wrist.
     Many of the earthenwares from the burials had bodies that angled sharply to create a hip, typical of the sa Huynh-Kalanay Pottery complex, also recovered in Vietnam and in Masbate. Bersales said that they had unearthed a total of around 4,000 specimens from their archeological dig including six burials, 14 earthenware jars and some 3,000 accessioned artifacts believed to be dated back from the Philippine Iron Age, between 500 BCE and 900 CE.

Edited from Philippine Information Agency (17 June 2011), Inquirer News (24 June 2011)

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