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30 June 2011
Ancient Irish stone tools go on display

Stone tools used by the first builders in Galway (Ireland) thousands of years ago will soon go on display. Rare polished axeheads used by prehistoric Galwegians more than 6,000 years ago will form the centre of the display, which is being loaned to the city's museum by the National Museum of Ireland. Most of the items were found over the past few decades when the city's streets were dug up for roadworks. A series of bronze and stone arrowheads dating from 1,300 BCE and used for fishing and hunting will also be put on display. One of the earliest objects on display will be a magnificent Mesolithic stone spearhead, which may have been used to catch fish, and dates back to approximately 6,000 BCE. Breandán Ó hEaghra, deputy director of Galway Museum, said: "Galway in prehistoric and medieval times will be on display in the museum in the coming weeks."

Edited from The Irish Times (20 June 2011)

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