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10 July 2011
3,000-year-old artefacts unearthed in Vietnam

Artefacts from 1000 BCE have been unearthed at a mountainous site in the central province of Quang Ngai, Vietnam. Researcher Doan Ngoc Khoi from Quang Ngai Museum said 10 tombs containing objects from 3,000 years ago had been found at an archaeological site in the bed of Nuoc Trong Lake which has been under excavation for only two months. These findings were similar to those of the pre-Sa Huynh culture period. This discovery confirms that such a culture flourished even in mountainous areas - previously, antiques of that period had been found only on the plains and in coastal areas.
     Archaeologist Nguyen The Phong noted the objects bore unique decorative patterns similar to objects found at another site in Pho Thanh Commune in the same province. Yet they were somewhat different with some fine distinctive features of the new locality.
     Sa Huynh culture flourished in central and southern Viet Nam between 1000 BCE until the late second century. It is one of the three ancient cradles of civilisation in Viet Nam. The Sa Huynh people are thought to be predecessors of the Cham, the founders of the Champa Kingdom that flourished in the country from CE 132 until the 18th century.

Edited from Viet Nam News (6 July 2011)

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