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22 July 2011
Stone Age relics may be hidden in Scotland's seas

Two experts from Wessex Archaeology believe that sites of ancient communities may lie submerged beneath the seas around teh Western Isles (Scotland). A number of finds have already been made in the region, including the 12th Century Lewis chessmen, found near Uig prior to 1831. More recently, in 2007 coins dating back to the 4th Century CE were discovered, giving light to the far reaching influence of teh Roman Empire.
     Dr Andrew Bicket is an expert in coastal geoarchaeology and Dr Jonathan Benjamin has recently returned from a test excavation at an underwater late Mesolithic site in Denmark. During the Mesolithic Period, Briatin was transformed from a peninsula to an island possibly dude to landslides in Nowary, know as the Storegga Slides. A massive tsunami was triggered and water struck north-east Britain and travelled 25 miles (40km) inland. Low lying plains would have been covered in water or turned into marshlands.
     Dr Bicket and Dr Benjamin believe that relics as old as 9,000 years would have been protected by the islands' long and sheltered lochs.

Edited from BBC News (13 July 2011)

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