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31 July 2011
Bronze Age exhibition in Dartmoor

The rich archaeological landscape at the heart of Dartmoor national park (Devon, England) is the focus of ongoing investigations, and an exhibition is now open to the public. On display are examples of the fine craftsmanship which Dartmoor's Bronze Age folk were producing over a period of 2,500 years.
     "We've got an open day and the archaeologists will be here to explain what we're doing and what we've found in previous years," says Jane Marchand, the national park's senior archaeologist. "There will be two guided walks - just come to the Postbridge visitor centre to find out more."
     A mile from the featured hut circle dig is Dartmoor's famous Powder Mills, where potter Joss Hibbs is based and where she recently attempted to make a pot based on fragments found at the hut circle.
     "All the pottery we've found is what's known as Trevisker Ware - first found in Cornwall,"  explains Ms Marchand "And our question was: could she make a pot similar to the ones we've found, but to do it as if she was a Bronze Age potter?"
     After clays were found on the River Teign and a primitive turf kiln was built at Bellever, eventually an 'authentic' Bronze Age pot was produced - a centrepiece at the new exhibition. "Joss was full of admiration for these people and the way they must have worked," added Marchand. "The exhibition demonstrates that these weren't people living in a very primitive condition - they were able to produce wonderful tools and other things. To my mind this brings it all alive - in many ways they were no different to us."

Edited from This is Devon, Western Morning News (28 July 2011)

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