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13 August 2011
Prehistoric enclosure found in Devon

Before any groundworks can be conducted by Utility companies in the UK, archaeological surveys have to be carried out, paid for by the Utility company. During one of these surveys for the water utility South West Water, the remains of a prehistoric enclosure have been investigated near Exeter in Devon (England). The enclosure was surrounded by a large bank and ditch, which points to an important settlement. The remains of an iron-working furnace and shale bracelets were also found. It is believed that the shale may well have come from as far away as Kimmeridge in Dorset, a distance of nearly 125 kilometres.
     Devon County Council archaeologist Frances Griffith is quoted as saying "It is of great interest to see this site partially excavated. The shale finds are an important discovery, as yet unparalleled in Devon". The enclosure lies on the route of a new water pipeline from the nearby reservoir and all finds will be recorded and archived and the excavations carefully refilled before the pipeline can be completed.

Edited from BBC News (6 August 2011), Exeter Express and Echo (8 August 2011)

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