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18 August 2011
3750-year-old settlement unearthed in Sri Lanka

The oldest human dwelling so far identified in Sri Lanka has been discovered in Haldummulla. Prof. Raj Somadeva, of the post graduate institute of Archaeology in the Kelaniya University, said that it was discovered in an archaeological excavation carried out near Koswatta village in Haldumulla. Earlier a burial ground was found 0.5km from the recently discovered settlement.
     The archaeological site is situated 850 meters above sea level where the foundations of four houses, fire places, coal, iron, rock tools, pieces of clay pots and beads have been found. Prof. Somadeva said that it is the first ancient human dwelling to be found in the central hills. Further investigations are being carried out with regard to the artifacts.
     The foundations of two houses date back 3750 years. Two iron tools were found inside the foundations; pieces of red-coloured clay pots were also discovered, along with another object that resembles a pendant.
     The excavations started last year and the second phase, now under way, will end in the next two weeks.

Edited from ITN News, Colombo Page (17 August 2011)

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