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1 September 2011
Maltese megalithic sites enjoying upgrade

Heritage Malta's Tarxien Temples is currently undergoing embellishment and conservation, as part of a project including works on three sites: Tarxien Temples (Tarxien), Ggantija Archeological Park (Xagħra, Gozo) and St Paul's Catacombs (Rabat).
     The Tarxien Temples project envisages specialised studies including archaeological excavations, a hydrological survey, 3D documentation and a Limits of Acceptable Change study. Additionally, a new environmental monitoring system and a protective shelter for the structures' long-term protection from deterioration caused by the elements will be installed.
     The Tarxien Temples will also see the installation of an extended walkway to improve accessibility and protect the temple's original surface from damage. A second, elevated walkway will circle the Temple structures. New information panels will enable visitors to see and understand better this World Heritage Site.
     The works are expected to be completed by mid-September.

Edited from The Malta Independent (28 August 2011)

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