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4 September 2011
Bronze Age excavation begins in Cornwall

A 10-day excavation project at a Bronze Age site near Lanyon in Cornwall (England) has begun. Previous excavations have revealed Middle Bronze Age and Iron Age artefacts, said archaeologist, Dr Andy Jones. There are at least 12 roundhouses at the site, which are believed to be approximately 3,500 years old, he added.
     Since the last excavations in the 1980s, the site has been covered by dense vegetation. Julian German, Cornwall Council cabinet member for historic environment, said: "This excavation will be a wonderful opportunity to see the remains of this ancient settlement uncovered by archaeologists." Adrian Rodda, from the Cornwall Archaeological Society, said: "The excavation of this site will provide further information about the occupation of the settlement, as well as looking at the impact of bracken on sensitive archaeological remains."

Edited from BBC News (3 September 2011)

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